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Paint and Stucco Masking Tapes

AVATACK offers many types of paint and stucco masking tapes which have different characteristics, such as excellent conformability, easy unwinding, UV resistance, and clean removal. Masking tapes offer sharp and clear painting lines, and are applicable to stick on various material surfaces. Great for construction-related painting works.

We manufacture and supply different types of masking tapes (paper based & film based) as below :
- Crepe paper masking tape
- Washi paper masking tape
- PE masking tape
- PET cloth masking tape
- PVC masking tape

AVATACK was established in 2003 and is one of the leading adhesive tape manufacturers in the world. State of the art single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes are developed, manufactured, and supplied to customers worldwide. We have professional production lines and advanced equipment, superior product quality, stability in delivery, and certified by prestigious international institutions. As a responsible masking tape manufacturer/supplier, we're committed to provide professional solutions for paint and stucco masking, and also efficient after-sales service for our valued customers.
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