• Antiviral Tape
  • Paint & Stucco Masking Tapes
  • Paint Masker Tapes
  • Insulation Tapes
  • Air & Ventilation Duct Seals
  • Humidity/Heat/Cold Resistant Tapes
  • Self-Amalgamating Tapes
  • Floor Marking & Warning Tapes
  • Anti-Slip Tapes
  • Carpet Installation Tapes
  • Double Sided Foam Tapes
  • All Weather Tapes
  • Sheathing Tapes
  • Surface Protection Tape

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All Weather Tapes
Introducing our premium-grade All-Weather Tape, specially designed for your business needs ...
Aluminum Foil Backing
Introducing our Aluminum Foil Backing Tape, your solution for exceptional performance. Wit ...
Anti-Static Tape
Crafted from PVC backing and coated with a rubber-based adhesive, it offers exceptional an ...
Crepe Paper Masking Tape
Discover our Crepe Paper Paint Masking Tape, your solution for easy, UV-resistant painting ...
Double Sided (Cloth Backing)
Coated on both sides with a high-performance rubber-based adhesive and backed by a yellow ...
Double Sided (PVC Backing)
A versatile adhesive solution. This tape features embossed PVC film coated with acrylic-ba ...
EVA Foam Backing
Double-sided foam tape with high tack, holding power strength and joining force properties ...
Floor Marking Tape
Our Floor Marking Tape is your ideal choice for marking floors and designated areas. With ...
Metalized OPP Backing
Discover the versatility of our Conformable Metalized OPP Backing Tape. With its unique pr ...
Metalized PET Backing
Introducing our Conformable Metalized Polyester Backing Tape, the ideal choice for insulat ...
Paint Masker Tape
Introducing our Paint Masker, a versatile masking tape that combines cloth or paper backin ...
PE Backing
Designed to cater to the diverse needs of your business. Our PE backing offers different a ...