AVATACK is the top-ranking adhesive products and electronic materials supplier for various industries. AVATACK expertise in adhesive and coating technology to provide high value-added products. Silicone Adhesives Rubber Adhesives Solvent based Acrylic Adhesives Emulsion Acrylic Adhesives Hot melt Adhesives Epoxy Adhesives We have been working with the following industries: Automobiles Optical Electronic Communication PCB / FPCB Electronic Components Prints Construction Retails Global Marketing Network State-of-the-art Production System  With its advanced equipments, AVATACK has a state-of-the-art production system which not only fitting customers’ needs but also keeping consistent and stable quality. Commitment to Our Environment AVATACK is dedicated to researches and developments on environment friendly process and products. We have: Well-equipped recycle facility. Reduced solvent usage. Simplified packaging process and used recycled materials.

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As a adhesive tape manufacturer, AVATACK CO., LTD. is committed to doing everything possible to provide our customers with superior services and products that meet their needs and provide lasting value. We offer PVC tape, double sided tape with high quality in Taiwan for many years. Also, our duct tape is dynamic, economical, perfect, they all meet the standard requires, easy to use and of long durability. Avoid wasting your time and money on other kinds of products in the market that will not fulfil your taste! If you are looking for adhesive tape manufacturer, why not try any of our products today!
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AVATACK CO., LTD. has been a leading adhesive tape manufacturer to both independent and national training organizations since 1954. In addition, we focus on innovations to help the users create masterpieces easier and with more precision. AVATACK CO., LTD.’s PVC tape is designed and engineered for ease of use and cost effectiveness in mind. Our quality proven range and client-centric approach have helped us in carving a niche for ourselves in the market. If you are looking for double sided tape, duct tape, please do not hesitate to contact us.