Wire Harness Tape

AVATACK supplies a wide range of wire harness tape with high-quality adhesives to securely bundle automotive harnesses, and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions.
Our wire harness tapes are designed for VOC free to meets RoHS requirement for the automobile industry, and also supplies dry vinyl for wire harness purposes.

• Soft, flexible, and easy for operation
• Anti-vibration, Noise-reduction, Halogen free
• Hand tearable, environmentally-friendly water based adhesive
• Great unwinding force, good resistance to temperature, humidity, and organic solvent
• Good flame retardant and cold resistance
• No flagging after bundling

Our Wire Harness Tape Series :
• PVC Non-adhesive Tape
• PVC Wire Harness Tape
• PET Fleece Wire Harness Tape
• PET Cloth Wire Harness Tape
• Aluminum Laminated Glass Cloth Tape
Specially designed for wire harness which meets RoHS requirement for automotive industry.
AVATACK is a leading adhesive tape manufacturer and supplier with professional production lines and advanced equipment. We provide superior product quality, stability in delivery, and products certified by prestigious international institutions to customers worldwide. We reserve the right to make any changes in this website. The specifications are for reference only.