Acetate Cloth Tape

Experience peak adhesion with our Acetate Cloth Tape. This innovative tape combines the strength of Acetate and Cloth Adhesive Tape for an enduring, powerful bond.

Safety and performance join forces. UL compliant and flame retardant, our tape provides peace of mind across various applications.

Conquer high temperatures with confidence. It withstands up to 120˚C for 2 hours, demonstrating remarkable durability.

Elevate projects with style. Available in classic black and white, our Vinyl Fabric Tape seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality.

Upgrade to excellence in adhesion, safety, and versatility. Choose Acetate Cloth Tape for your bonding needs, setting a new performance standard. Ideal for a wide range of electrical equipment insulation.
Suitable for high temperature insulation in electrical equipment such as winding coils.

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