PVC Tape

Enhance Electrical Project Reliability with AVATACK PVC Insulation Tape. Discover the ultimate solution for electrical projects with AVATACK PVC Insulation Tape. Designed to revolutionize electrical work, our PVC Insulation Tape offers unparalleled reliability and performance.
Engineered with precision, our PVC Insulation Tape boasts exceptional conformability, strong adhesion, and wide temperature resistance, ensuring flawless execution in every project. Available in a range of vibrant colors and temperature grades, our Electrical Tape is tailored to match your unique requirements, allowing you to elevate your projects with ease.
Rest assured, our product complies with stringent international standards including VDE, SEMKO, BS EN, REACH, CSA, UL, JIS, RoHS, and IMQ, guaranteeing top-notch quality and safety. Plus, it's VOC-free for added peace of mind.
Customize your tape to suit your specific project needs and experience the difference with AVATACK PVC Tape. Upgrade now and give your electrical projects the reliability they deserve.


  • Wire and Cable Insulating: AVATACK PVC Tape offers extreme flexibility and excellent adhesion, making it ideal for insulating wires and cables with precision.
  • Bundling and Reinforcing: Its strong adhesive properties make it perfect for bundling and reinforcing electrical components, ensuring optimal stability and longevity.
  • Automotive Wiring Harness: Trusted by professionals, our PVC Tape is a preferred choice for automotive wiring harness applications, providing reliable insulation and protection.
  • Electrical Insulation: Suitable for a wide range of electrical installations, our PVC Tape delivers superior insulation performance, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Unlock the full potential of AVATACK PVC Tape across various applications. Whether it's for commercial or residential projects, our tape delivers unmatched performance every time.

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