PVC Tape

Enhance your electrical projects with the reliability of AVATACK PVC Tape.

AVATACK presents Vinyl Tape, designed to revolutionize your electrical projects. With exceptional conformability, robust adhesion, and a wide temperature resistance range. Our PVC electrical insulation tape meets several different standards, such as: VDE, SEMKO, BS EN, REACH, CSA, UL, JIS, RoHS, IMQ, VOC free.

Choose from a variety of colors and cold temperature grades to match your requirements. Upgrade to our PVC Insulation Tape, and propel your projects to unparalleled heights!
Extremely flexible and good adhesion for wire and cable insulating, bundling and reinforcing.
Suitable for many kinds of electrical installation.
Good applications for automotive wiring harness and electrical insulation.

AVATACK is a leading adhesive tape manufacturer and supplier with professional production lines and advanced equipment. We provide superior product quality, stability in delivery, and products certified by prestigious international institutions to customers worldwide. We reserve the right to make any changes in this website. The specifications are for reference only.