ECO-Friendly Tapes & Labels


ECO-Friendly Tapes & Labels

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Recognizing the market’s growing needs for sustainable bonding alternatives, Avatack started developing adhesive solutions that went beyond water-based formulations. We asked ourselves if we can provide a truly sustainable tape -an innovation that would transform the adhesive industry. Conventionally, eco-friendly films can be sourced but adhesives posed a serious problem in that they were neither compostable nor acceptable in the recycling system. Hence, many applications that used conventional tapes and labels were discarded or ended up with lower value because of adhesive residue.

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For more than 67 years, AVATACK has utilized excellent Research and Development capabilities and stable quality control to produce bioplastic which is degradable and compostable, complying with DIN CERTCO international standard (EN13432) and others. The biodegradable plastic could be utilized for various types of productions such as extrusion, injection, blowing, lamination, etc., helping customers achieve their target of ECO-friendly and efficient solutions. AVATACK always persists in customer commitment, provides high-quality products and services, and assists customers to achieve the goal of circular economy and sustainability.

ECO AVATACK Product Line

Our eco-friendly product line serves the varying needs of our customer base, including reduction of carbon footprint, increasing the value of recyclable materials, and reducing plastic waste. Currently, our most eco-friendly product is a 100% compostable tape/label, in which both the film or paper backing and the adhesive are certified to be industrially compostable. As part of our drive to develop relevant sustainable materials, we continue to innovate and partner with industry leaders for solutions that are easily adaptable to their current equipment and which enable increasing accessibility to sustainable products and processes.

Together, we can realize a better future.